Church Planning Services

Church Building Designs, Planning & Financing

The decision to build — whether a new church campus or additions and renovations — can quite possibly be your ministry’s most elaborate project in regards to cost, time and complexity. HiFive’s experience with planning and building numerous churches over the years will help you streamline the entire process and avoid the pitfalls that have burdened other church building projects before you. HiFive can help at every step in the planning, design, and building processes.

In addition to providing church planning services, HiFive can also assist you with financing your building project, as well as aid in your church’s Capital Campaign. In many situations, finding the right financing for your church building project is the only thing standing in the way of getting the ball rolling. HiFive’s experience with helping ministries obtain church construction financing will give you the comfort to know that you’re using church finances wisely.

HiFive’s planning services include:
  • Preparation of planning documents;
  • Zoning ordinances;
  • Development prototypes;
  • Architectural guidelines and standards;
  • State and local planning requirements;
  • Master planning, along with appropriate graphic support;
  • Financing guidance, support and capital campaign assistance.
Church planning is one part of a church building project that also includes church developmentchurch architecture, and church construction.